Kill The Sequester Before It Kills YOU.

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Here you are: the Sequester wasn’t never meant to be implemented. Instead, it was conceived as a break point after which you have to start with something new. In itself, the Sequester is a parenthesis when negociations have failed to finalize in a limited period of time.  From that point, the Sequester can only be a temporary stage ; a bridge between two budgets. The Sequester is  not the norm nor the rule ; if any, it is a norm and a rule by default. Remember when this happened : precisely to avoid a default of America for the first time in its history. The Sequester was thus ruled in under an emergency : America was running out of time dangerously in meeting its debts reimbursement’s commitments. Today, there is no more urgency and it is Time to repeal the sequestration.

The need to just repeal the damn sequester shouldn’t take a lot of subtlety to explain. It was designed to be a terrible mistake — a deformed and irredeemable bit of public policy that was supposed to be avoided at all cost. The only reason it exists is because lawmakers, after demonstrating themselves to be wholesale incompetents at « coming together » and doing a « big deal » on the « deficit, » decided that what they really needed was a law that forced them all to choke up on a loaded gun, which would go off if they failed (in their « supercommittee ») to come to an agreement. In the end, they of course failed, but in a last-minute twist, those same lawmakers realized that the sequestration gun wasn’t actually pointed down their throats. It was pointed at ordinary human Americans. So they clicked the safety off, let fly fusillade of needless pain, and then all sat back for a round of « How did this happen?/Who is to blame? » grab-ass.

I feel like I need to underscore this! The sequestration was something that nobodybelieved was either acceptable public policy or sensible economics. The whole point of it was a failed attempt at a sword of Damocles. « Come to a sensible arrangement on spending cuts/revenues or there will be an insanely stupid arrangement imposed on the entire country, who will have to pay for your immense cock-ups. » The sequestration stands as a testament to great error, and it’s punishing all the wrong people.

It’s time to put the sequestration down, lawmakers. Shoot the sequestration, right in its face.


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