GOP’s rejection of guns control. The point of folly.

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Boston, Texas’ Explosions and GOP’s House rejection of arms control : mere coincidence or real causality ?

With no intention of putting oil on fire – there is much more of fire bursting right now inside the country and lots of blowing up to add to – it is obvious that anybody unless blind, deaf or stupid, had noticed the troubling coincidence between GOP’s betrayal of gun reduction violence law and the reoccurences of the bombings this week in America.

Some may say the two events have no links. At first sight, you may say yes. But things are a little bit more complex than they look at.

To begin with, let’s stick to Obama’s reaction at the WH, after the no vote in the Senate, where the President appeared amidst a panel of people who have lost their loves ones in gun shooting. The man who spoke for the victims prior to President Obama taking stage was really moving as reflected in this quote of his speech :


Our hearts are broken, our spirit is not


What happened in Newton can happen anywhere, in any instant. A common sense proposal with the support of 90 % of the people to save lifes has been defeated.

We return home now with determination that change will happen, may be not today, but it will happen, it will happen soon.

We don’t have the luxury to turning back ; we will keep moving forward and build public support for common sense solutions in the areas of mental health, school safety and gun safety.

We take the strenght from the children and the loves ones and carry faith on the American people.

We’ll not be defeated. We are not going away.

Our hearts are broken. Our Spirit is not.

Strong and moving words that had the President to question the meaning. Too many questions arose and they need an answer. Essentially, the question is how to prevent Aurore or Newton from happening again ? Asking the question leads to Washington’s political business as usual with first of all, the « distortions of the Senate’s rules » underlined by president Obama.

“A majority of senators voted “yes” to protecting more of our citizens with smarter background checks,” President Obama said. “But by this continuing distortion of Senate rules, a minority was able to block it from moving forward. »


We have an obligation to try, the president said


Concerning the content of the law itself, the president stated that the law was intending to protect the lifes of all of our children and it embodies common sense reforms.

90% of the American public support it. Backchecks are extended to people convicted with felony or domestic violence or mental health.

90% of Democrats senators voted for it ; the same proportion of Republicans senators voted against. It ends up that a minority of blocage was able to defeat the law prompting the question from president Obama : how can something 90% support and yet not happen ?

In the same move, the president underlined the fact that nobody can claim that the package provided by those common sense background backchecks infringes the second amendment. Instead, it protects the right of victims of gun violence and gun owners as well.

The law is a fullfilment of moderation and common sense.

Republicans are lying when they claim some sort of gun register infringing the second amendment of the Constitution. More, the allegation that this package would not prevent a future massacre is not a coherent argument.

If only one person, one child, a few hundred or thousands persons can be saved by the law, we have an obligation to try.


A victory for what and for who ?


Apparently senator Mitch Mcconnell is just jumping up and down in joy. But here is a full-frontal question for him staged by the president : if 90% of Democrats and 80% of Republicans outside the country are favoring a law and despite that, the Senate and the Representants defeat the package, who are we here to represent ? This is a fundamental question spilling over political business in Washington.

Who are we here to represent ? The People should remember that comes the election time, send the right persons in Washington.

I’m assuming we will get this thing done, sooner or later. Watch the president speech here.

On Monday’s twin bombings near the finish of the Boston Marathon killed three people, including an 8-year-old boy and a Chinese-born graduate student. More than 170 people were injured. Some of them lost their legs. Voice of America.

Whether or not the GOP is against terrorism, the refutal of a legislation considering reducing gun violence two days after Boston’s explosions and the horrific scenes of public disarray are so timely close to each other that the global message the GOP is sending is encouraging people to buy more and more guns to protect themselves from outside dangerous people ; the outsider being anybody. In this perspect, GOP is encouraging a society of defiance and mistrust between Americans. This is not the kind of position compassion or empathy could emerge from.

Eventually, whenever a terrorist attack or a shooting occured in America, GOP’s and its NRA allies would see a great opportunity in it to encourage more people to buy guns to protect themselves. This is a double contradiction to the so-called GOP’s religious faith and to the American creed praising faith, love and community life with empathy.

In the Bible, we are told that if a House is not protected by God, it is in vain you (a simple human being) guard it. Where has the GOP’s faith gone ? Through aborption and homosexuality only ? Religion is firstly about Spiritual life. « Our hearts are broken. Our spirit is not ».

Immigration the next GOP’s  hostage taken ?

Out of religion, politically, president Obama translated this in his yesterday allocution at Boston interfaith ceremony for the victims of Monday. He reclaimed on behalf of the American people a society of love, faith and interconfidence for each to another and for the country. This kind of society puts life over death ; passion over crimes ; love over fear ; confidence over defiance and suspicion : precisely the place when you start discriminating, eliminating any form of differenciation.

Not surprising, Speaker Boehner has already announced his intention to « break immigration law into pieces ». Understanding what binds people first before looking at where they are opposed is the bottom line here. Understanding what keeps us moving forward in total confidence on each other as the condition of our mutual liberties instead of looking at each other as a potential agressor is the task once again we should confront.

GOP’s conservatism is antiprogressive. Definitely. The fact that they are opposing a law 90% of Americans agree with is unexplainable. The relationship between the Constitution and the people must be a dynamic one, not an occlusive and exclusive pattern with a Constitution sanctified to the point of being disconnected to the whole society. May I say a Constitution against the People’s will ? At this stage, we are reaching a point of folly.

What are the Republicans responding to this young boy ? (Picture from the National memo) asking for no more hurting people ? More guns ? Point of folly.

Watch Obama’s interfaith speech at Boston.


Counterpoint. John McCain Defends Obama’s Emotional Speech After Gun Vote. Hufpost Politics. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Thursday defended President Barack Obama’s emotionally charged speech decrying the Senate’s failure to pass a bipartisan compromise on background checks the previous day.


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