France is a Third World country.Totally corrupt.

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What is the wealth of French politicians ? This is where France is standing right now.

The confession of the former Minister of Budget, Jerôme Cahuzac over a secret account offshore, 21 years ago, has ended French hypocrisy with money first and about the earnings of their politicians. To stop the scandal from an imprevisible evolution, French president has to come up with some strong propositions and reforms. At least. And he did : he announced a fight against tax evasion, corruption and illegal enrichment of politicians. The effectiveness of this led him to implement three offices : one  responsible for the detection of tax evasion and corruption, another one to oversee french politicians wealth and a special Justice to deal with the whole matter of illegal enrichment in Politics. The project is labelled  « Moralisation of public life ». One of the requirements, really revolutionary, is the publication of French politicians’ patrimony following the other European countries pattern, except from Slovenia.

Guess what ? Heavyweights politicians are against the measure asking to provide their belongings. The opposition is crossing the political aisle from the far left to the far right. This is not a surprise, as French politicians considered themselves to be beyond the law: a Monarchist tradition. So how president Hollande is going to demonarchise the French so-called Republic ? This is the challenge.

Unfortunatelly, as every change of paradigma in France, the opposition has always succeded in obliging the commander-in-chief to step backwards. What started triumphally with president Hollande firmness backed by PM Ayrault is starting to shrink. PM Ayrault was favoring the publication of tax returns and revenues along with the  patrimony to give an overview of the progression or not of the wealth of a politician during his tenure. More, this was a way for Transparency in governance necessary to the confidence of the people towards their elected representatives. Even more, this was intending to enable the controllers to go after corruption, tax evasion and wrong doings such as illegal enrichment.

Among the board of the contesters, Alain Juppé, a former PM, François Fillon alike, J.F. Cope, the actual president of the main opposition party, are out there crying and shouting they won’t abide unless obliged to comply to by the law. They have not yet told by which means. François Fillon has already made his patrimony public, partly, but he did it. Days after, when he learnt that a complaint has been filled against him about some polls during his premiership, he just flushed red and announced he won’t vote the moralisation of the public life’s law when it comes to the national assembly. To add to the picture, the leftist president of the national assembly, Mr. Claude Bartolone, which is the accumulative and immoral prototype of french elected people, is also all out there voicing strong opposition to publish any documents related to Hollande’s demands.

Today, french people have learnt that tax returns would be taken out from the final text of law. This is the point: half-measures and weak governance have led France to the point of collapse. Just like in a third world country where politicians are taking the great part of the wealth of the nation either properly or improperly with lots of tax evasion at their benefice and leaving the country no choice except bankruptcy. This in total irresponsibility and full cynism. Greedy politicians in France are a serious issue the European Union should take care at as well as the World over for, with a french society not making its part to the global economic recovery, the european union will never take off soon ; making it hard for the global economy to turn around as it was the case previously. French politicians are still behaving as if economic crisis was not a reality and a burden to all of us.

Patrimony without tax returns lacks tracking on revenues. If the whole thing remains this, then it is just a smoke screen. In its weekly analysis of markets trends published today, Caisse d’Epargne is warning that « Much more than the question of the ability of governments (Portugal, Italy, France) to consolidate public finances, their mere ability to govern could eventually become one of the main concerns in the eurozone ».

So a weak commandement-in-chief combined to a panel of irresponsible and greedy politicians facing an ambiguous and even weaker people just strong in talks followed by no actions is the exact size of an African picture. How is it ? Corruption requires two partners facing each other : the corrupter (french politicians)  and the corrupted (french people). European Union and the World should take this « French time bomb » really seriously.  French time bomb is a label from The Economist. Still in the actuality.

Now that I am back to you,  I’m breathing better. Contrary to France where the government is always going one step forward, two steps backward, the void for inefficiency, in other countries, things seem to keep moving forward and this is really energizing and positive. Presently, France is a  big waste of time. Tiresome.

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