Is the EU above the International Law and the United Nations Order?

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Waging illegal wars.

What is this mess ? Unable to reform the French State and economy, Mr. Hollande has discovered the poll’s advantages of waging wars abroad. It started with Mali’s invasion that earned him an increase of 5 pts in the polls. One month later, french unemployment still growing up steadily and no single measure to stop this upwards trend that has already blew up the roof, those 5 pts have vanished. Like snow.

Worst, french people are now 53% to prefer the return of president Sarkozy over 40% to Hollande. This represents a noticeable shift. Days ago, president Sarkozy criticised, through a press outlet, french decision to enter Mali military, defending that you never go in a country without a government. As those in power right now have come in through a coup, they lack the legitimacy put forward by Mr. Hollande to justify french military presence in Mali along with the protection of women freedom and I don’t recall the other third reason withstanding the intiative, according to Mr. Hollande.

The fact that former president Sarkozy has to say only one word to dramatically shift the power balance may be behind the new warmongering path of Mr. Hollande. A way of sauvetage of his own leadership : so it’s not about Syria, but about Him. No less, no more.

PM Cameron, the other warmongering-in-chief couldn’t keep away from this mean politics based on arms smuggling. What is surprising is the scheme has already been experimented in Libya with a huge failure. Some may argue, « no, Kadhafi was killed. That was the goal ». Here is point : if the ICC has been created only to see some powerful military states allowing themselves to kill foreigners Head of states that don’t bow to their desires, using any means and tools, eventually traficking, illegality and arms furnitures, then close the ICC and let the World be a jungle so that people can turn terrorists or professional killers and bombers and defend themselves properly.

Neither the European Union, by the way guilty for chronical incapability to overturn its endless dreadful and deadly economic crisis, nor a single state in the World should be allowed the power of invading another State without the UN passport. This is not international law. At least, president Sarkozy’s Lybian case was presented to the UN. How is it EU’s leaders can stand by themselves and decide to arm Syrian rebels ?

A lost Cameron and french ally are even threatening to move alone like in Mali to do the terrorist job using either the Turkish border or the Jordanian, should the EU failed to fulfill their best wishes. Foul me twice. We really wish Russia, Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, every country in the region would help Syria not to fall under Old coloniaslist and cruelty rulers’ hands, watch and obedience.

Syria is not French or British businesses. Its Syrian. The neighborhood and the UN should help to find a peaceful breakthrough.

The EU is planning a meeting on the 22th, next week to lift up arms embargo over Syria. Apparently, Merkel who is the next European to face Germany’s election is hesitative. At first, she opposed this and now, approaching the election rendez-vous, she doesn’t really know anymore.

Recently, she was opposing Hollande over the economic path of recovery, joining strengts with Cameron in the urgent need of structural reforms Hollande doesn’t want to embrace and will not, as a matter of facts. No fine, no stress from the EU. Corruption is snifing over there. Hollande, the then isolated has succeeded to bring Cameron back to him to head the classical killing missions French and Britain Head of States are used to. To continue the joke, Hollande is gaining momentum inside the EU to ease the so-called austerity. Manipulators are presenting this as the inevitable way through the recovery and growth. Foul me again.

What are the implications of that easing austerity’s demand if not an openness to more indebtness and deficits ? This « snake-biting-its-tail » style exit is said to be the road to growth return. We are eager to see that.

Hollande can not find money to move the economy forward, but he can find it to pay for Military invasions and logistical transportation along with increasing salaries including premium of risks on military operations and other expenditures. Raw material out of Malian ressources will pay the so-called « Liberation operation« . This is a scam and a sham.

« French and Britain can not tolerate what is happening in Syria », Hollande and Cameron chanted. Halleluiah !

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m pleased to introduce to you the podium of the Top Humanitarian States of the World !

- Number One : France.

- Number Two : Britain. Currently known as Number 10.

- Number Three : the EU, the last Nobel Peace Price.

The others States of the World are not.

Meanwhile, France is the most racist State of the World. Britain is not far behind. Call it Hypocrisy or «Hyde-and-Jekyll » ambivalence.

The good news is many political leaders in France across the political spectrum are opposing Hollande’s personal agenda. This is not France speaking. Not at all. Good News.

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