Western Lost Press. Long Live the Pope Francis !

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The muddy Western defamatory press is up and out again with plenty of bullshits against the New Pope.

Just days after Chavez passing away with the help of Westerners crimes acolytes comprising the CIA economic hit men walking hand by hand with Western press accomplices conducting crimes Worldwide, in the name of Western and WASP’s Supremacy, here we go again with the Latin American Pope accused of friendly relationships with Latin « American’s Dictators ». Really. What about western media’s hit men specialized on Western propaganda, cautioning fake Wars like in Irak ; praising the worst of killing leaders in modern history where the press is supposed to be free and truthful ? What about Press allegeance to their owners : banksters that have turned themselves into a band of horrendous financial thugs ? Look how S&P’s and Moody lied to the entire financial World with their phantomatic rating that is behind the economic meltdown, since 2008.

In another World, those two should be impeached to do business anymore. But they are still operating. Did you hear something coming from that Southern inquisitorial trend from the « Great » Western Press ? Not at all. Silence, complacency and accomodation.

How many Greeks have died for that ? How many people are out of work for that ? How worst the efforts to fight poverty and malnutrition in the World have turned out ? Crimes after crimes, Western press has always stood up with those politics, economic and mediatic criminals. Shame on that dirty press.

When the Press is going to ask for Bush, Blair and Cheney at least to be brought to the ICC, then, may be, we’ll start giving a glance at their bullshits against Dictators over the South Hemisphere.

What about Iraqi Children Future ? And the Rights of Children Worldwide trampled down by Western unscrupulous Masters ? Follow the link at the bottom of this.

 Iraq, a great disaster.

Shame on that press lying under capitalists interests and Wall Street banksters alike to the point of having imposed a French president to the French people, in total lies. The same process has been plotted in America to defeat president Obama. Long time before the election started and even during the election, the press took Romney’s side. In fact, they were ordered to. Just look how the pollsters went wrong all the process. All of them without none exception and any explanation for the fraudulent attempt and assault upon Democratic enlightened choice.

This is Western press mafia, prompt to point fingers at imaginary « Dictators » elsewhere so as to hide the Real Killers’ hits on the Westside that are waging wars every where in the World. We don’t care about this fake press.

Here is the point. Western press is after the Church, the last authority and obstacle to their Gay’s anti natural marriage obsession. It’s not about Laicity and citizenship equality vs dogmatic Religion. It’s about changing the social and moral order inherited from and guarded by the Church.

Of course, the Church itself has given the laic and cupid press – needly to say – amoral the stick to be hitten by in return. Plenty of children abuses, pedophilia, homosexuality and the protection of Nazi’s killers have consistently damaged the Church’s reputation. Following that, the Church has come to be discredited when opposing homosexuality as a practice.

Some humility is needed here and this is a strong Vocable used by the Pope who just anticipated and vilified in the same move the petty press accusations of the day after. Appearing for the first time before the World, the first word of the Pope was surprising of humility : he has asked us to pray for Him for blessings.

Bless the Pope Francis and turn yourself away from that press killing methods offering coverture to Its declared and Highly Honored « Masters of the World » on one hand, and on the other, fomenting false accusations to tarnish South Leaders reputation in order to diminish their Standing and Power. May God show mercy to this Lost press and give them some kind of absolution and peace for their dirty job during half a century now and for their devotion to slanders.

Pray for the Western Press absolution

Nobody is perfect, first.

Second, we have learnt that this was not the first time the name of ex cardinal Jorge was in the ballot. He came second during the election of Pope John Paul 2 (no, Pope Benedict the sixteen). And some stupid and heinous analysts are out there shouting in vain « Friends of Dictators ». Come on. Western press is guilty of « Western Dictatorship », as they have made Western Propaganda the core of their biaised reportages and comments. Period.

By the way, those of you without sin should throw the first stone.

More, keep yourself being more Royalist that the King himself. In one word, we need Compassion and Humility. All of us. Western Propaganda’s Press defaming South leaders, first.

Long Life to the Pope Francis ! And Bless The New Pope !

[Picture of the Pope – from The Vatican Website.- Visit here.>http://www.vatican.va/phome_fr.htm]

Take a look here at the First simple Pope Franciscum Words. « Brotherhood » is one of the strongest.

What about Iraqi Children ? Catch up with the facts by Global Research and judge by yourself the great disas

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