Chavez has reached the mountaintop. Like Dr. Martin Luther King.

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In 1968, Martin Luther announced to the World « I’ve seen the promise land. I may not get  there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land ». Yet, he added, the issue was not between non violence and violence, but it was one between « Non violence and Non existence »And « What was true then is true now, may be even more so ».

In tribute to Chavez passing away, a man having reached the top of the Mountain, here is Martin Luther speech to watch again and again. From beyond Mountaintop sppech opening remarks Dr King like Chavezthe tomb. The video is displayed on the right side here below.

No doubt, Dr King will give a warm welcome to him and is looking forward at this moment of sharing embrace. Meanwhile, you may also find some sort of apeasement, for the mourners, listening at « La Paloma » by  Nana Mouskouri to ease your sufferance. Just try and you’ll feel like breathing anew. The song is smooth and sweety : kind of medicine of the soul.

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