Chavez. Death of the Hero of a pacific revolution : democratic socialism in Venezuela and in Latin America.

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The miracle didn’t happen. This is it. When the cosmical o’clock is ringing, walls stop hearing prayers and lamentations. Today, at 4.25 in Cuba, the clock rang the late call for president Chavez. It was the end of such a Great president the Southern Hemisphere is in great need of.  Alike Lula of Brazil, Chavez had managed to share the wealth of the country with the people. Some would say, he took from the Rich to redistribute it to the Poor. It is not that simple : no economy in the World works that way. Usually, when you hear people supporting this kind of rationale, they are from Western side were economies are based on the wide gap between billionaires and millionaires and the ocean of poverty. To sum it up, on one hand, favelas and urban ghettos and on the other, high tech buildings.

Wealthy billionaires getting richer and richer at the expense of the whole people is not and should not be a fatality or the solely path for the economies across the World. 

Inside some economic circles, it is commonly accepted that the Wealthy are not stealing from the Poor, instead, they are helping them to be less poor and that is also how the economy is driven and the Great Honor tends to go to the Wealthy without which no economy can be qualified as sustainable and enduring. If the strenght of an economy depends on its number of billionaires and millionaires, then let it be. The problem is this is the dominant model and we are not satisfied with either the theory or the frame of it.  This has been the fight of Hugo Chavez entire life : Capitalism is the rule of the richer over the poor. No way the System can do differently as this is its DNA.

Other models exist or are to be invented.  That is what Chavez, Lula or Bolivia and before them, Cuba have tried to shape. Chavez named it Democratic Socialism : a finest and genuine combination of democracy (the government of the people by the people and for the people) and socialism. It is just the beginning. The job is now in the hands of their successors to keep moving ahead on the trajectory of empowering people while pursuing that Third Way. Some may get billionaires, other may not. Invariably, the wealth of the country should  be equally re-distributed to all the people regardless to their social conditions. It is a secret for nobody that, in the past, in Venezuela, oil was benefiting the upper and leading classes in Venezuela as well as multinational companies. Common people saw very little of that national wealth. Hugo Chavez corrected that and it was loved and greeted by his people for his social Justice.

That’s why he has been reelected four times since 1998 until his death, after winning another term. We will miss him.

Chavez has invented the Third Way in Politics – even though he didn’t agree with that – and has devoted his life to only that. God blesses His Soul.

The BBC replayed an interview recorded in 2010 between Stephen and Hugo Chavez. Absolutely instructive and so great.  If you want to see  what Chavez legacy looks like, then this interview is the best shot to see and listen.

When I came into power, the country was broken

For 11 years, we have built this country pieces after pieces, with « tears, swears and blood » (Churchill) to bring it up

200 years after the independencies, Latin American and the Carribean are getting united – It’s happening right now. (Hugo Chavez)

Argentine has declared 3 days of mourning and President Morales of  Bolivia is en route to Caracas. Perou, Chile and Ecuador has sent message of condolences. So did the U.N. Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon, earlier.

Venezuela has declared 7 days of mourning. Military forces have been deployed over the country to maintain peace and security.


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