Greek referendum 61% ‘NO’ knocking down The Crapulous System of the Past.

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Greek people, I love you.

This is historic moments. Big Moments indeed.

The crapules thought that manipulating the game to the worse, attempting to hurt Greek people and banks to force the ‘Yes’ decision, fearing to go on with a 60 euros per day’s cap would pay back.

It was terrible. That Greek people under this cap found strenght to say ‘No’ adds to their courage. There is no words to congratulate them.

This is an adult society and adults people. Strong and confident enough not to shoot in the back OR below the belt.

They face the fight head to head, not with mean cheatings and thefts. False reporting of the reality biaised by the reporters, as if this was about gay marriage. Those are the same democracy falsifyiers who operated those  days of heavy metal fake reportage.

By the way, creditors must change their mentality. When you lend money to somebody, the risks must not all be for the debtors to support alone. Life is not a 100% zero risk. Only banks and financial creditors enjoy this clause of exception.


Now look at that other crapulous branch of that global system of hate, crimes and vulgarity. Namely the Lying Polls. They chanted all along the vote was close to call. A big international pollsters lie.

This is the third time in the row we are seing this :

The first time occurred during Obama/Romney presidential 2012 contest. The crapulous kept mentioning a toss up. Which was absolutely wrong information.

Second time was the British general 2015 election won by a large margin by David Cameron. There also, the polls intentionally lied to the people to curbe the game accordingly to their dark will.

This Athens vote is the third moment of those Polls and polling of the past, belonging to the crapulous System. Once upon a time, they had the possibility to make Princes and presidents with fake polling numbers. Those times are over. And much more to come lies ahead concerning those toxic professions and commentators who are there to play politics instead of doing their jobs. In fact, they are stealing wages and polluating Democracy with their presence and fake studies and publications.

We must end  fonctionnaire mentality inside those organisations.

George Osborne is right to cut down the BBC budget, since the lazy job is counterproductive for either the BBC, the entire profession and State money. The gov is not going to bailout that zero degre of journalism with the people money, while those journalists are playing the game against that very people.

I’m afraid the News Of The World Mentality has already damaged a wide part of the system known as « the Society of Spectacle ».

ps. Look around those days, your are going to see a lot of ads and emissions over children and mothers, babies, infant mortality, infant kidnapping, again and again.

Simple, you hack my phone for instance and then you have a big reportage on the Seychelles. Or something concerning procreation and bio-technologies advancement, etc… What a coincidence, isn’t it ? A friend of my family is planning to travel to Seychelles and we have been talking about this from time to time on the phone, for two weeks or so.

And, naturally, China is the one to blame for Hacking. The Kingdom of Hacking is inside the western crapulous system working in bands. All the ads in youtube, when I’m there will take children and babies as characters for at least everything they want to sell/show. Those days it is just laughable. They have even spotted the way I’m walking in and guess what ‘a big poster is there exposing a little girl with a pot of paint looking straight into the eyes of the walkers passing nearby. Imagine the nature of those people. Just close your eyes and see the Devil. Unless you have a little one, you can’t come that low. A small one refers to the psychology and behaviors out of (hidden) complexes of inferiority.

What is the next step ?

You gangs of the past, come up with arguments and stop hacking and big thefts and lies and name your sources with honesty.  Is it about Power ? The new power is Intelligence, no prostitution or presstitutes specialised in copying or financial terror or technology threats, no more fake polls to chose the president for the people. No more hijacking of democracy ; no more biaised reportings, no more militantism behind the people invited to speak inside reportings. Some are really non representatives : too much ideology, either gay propaganda or EU’s empty barking. Clearly.

>>> No more US COVERED racial terrorism.

This is the beginning of the end. History is on the making. Power is shifting in cleaner hands and minds and this is Justice and only that. Time to report for Africa and to lecture Africa what to do or not is over also. Africa should think of building an international channel, not that colonial Africa 24. A big shame and chain of copists.

Greek people, I love you. You have broken the chain of austerity = today’s Slavery-  and the crapulous circle of malfaisance. Thanks also to the Spanish and Portuguese people who brought their support to the Greeks, in favor of Democracy.

For the PM, Alex Tsipras, I have no words to say CONGRATULATIONS! So, I’m going to say hummmmmmm.

Good luck to Greece and to his leadership including members of the Parliament who gave the green light to the Referendum. The people have honored YOUR COURAGE.



A telegram of UNEC in French.


We, the Union of European Christian nations,

by the Secretary General of the Union, Winfried Wuermeling who is the son of his father, Mr. Wuermeling, a Deutsche Politician, one of the contributor of the Modern Germany.

 The telegram is telling that the euro currency is a science fiction money. That EU is a degenerated institution to the bones. They praise Greek people who invented Democracy 2,400 years ago. The EU’s project has derailed from the Father Founders line. It is no longer the Schumann and Adenauer project. Instead one hundred banks are out there playing the crook game of lending money to get rich through interests of this Big Casino. Irish, Chypre, Italy and Spain have endured this before Greece and for Greece to hit the head of the EU is comparable to the Biblical epic fight between David and Goliath.



« RU », le service de presse du réseau UNEC, BP 70114, F 95210 St-Gratien

Tél/fax/rép. 0134120268, , (rubrique RU)

JUBILONS ! (ru, 5 juillet 2015). – Nous sommes dimanche soir à 22 heures. Le verdict commence à tomber : il s’avère que le peuple grec a rejeté massivement aujourd’hui, avec 60% de « non » à l’occasion du référendum, la dernière offre des créanciers mondialistes qui voulaient écraser encore plus la Grèce par l’austérité et le surendettement  qu’ils avaient réussi à imposer auparavant aux Irlandais, Chypriotes, Italiens et Espagnols. JUBILONS !

Jubilation pourquoi ? Parce qu’un petit peuple comme la Grèce, tel que David, a osé frapper la tête de l’UNION EUROPENNE, autrement dit la tête de Goliath. Qui est l’Union Européenne ? Malheureusement ce n’est plus l’Europe Chrétienne rêvée par Adenauer, Schumann et quelques autres Européens bienpensants en 1958. L’Europe d’aujourd’hui est devenue une hydre d’une centaine de banques qui se sont appropriées le terrain européen depuis la mort de ses pionniers chrétiens. Ce sont des capitalistes purs et durs. Leur seul but : gagner un maximum par les intérêts des prêts accordés, au risque d’écraser des peuples entiers. Rappelons-nous, quelle fut la dernière proposition des Merkel, Hollande, Lagarde et autres capitalistes à la Grèce ? Ils proposaient à ce pays, totalement immergé dans les dettes, au point de n’en pouvoir même plus assurer le paiement des intérêts, ENCORE PLUS DE PRETS. Ils ne savent pas penser autre chose que de donner toujours plus d’argent, pour pouvoir toucher toujours plus d’intérêts. JUBILONS !

On comprend leur angoisse actuelle. Dès demain (lundi 6 juillet) les « chefs de Trésor » de l’Union Européenne se rencontreront « pour évaluer la situation ». Bien sûr, ils tremblent pour la fissure qui a été faite, par le vote d’un petit peuple courageux, dans la monnaie de science fiction EURO. Bien sûr, ils sont épouvantés de la perspective d’un premier pays qui quitterait, avec les fanfares, cette Union Européenne dégénérée jusqu’à la moelle. Et ce n’est pas n’importe quel pays qui ose, c’est justement celui qui a inventé la démocratie 2400 ans avant que nos capitalistes mettent la main dessus. Et quelle est exactement leur angoisse face à l’écroulement de l’Euro et à terme de l’Union Européenne: de ne plus toucher les intérêts de leurs prêts, et pire encore, de ne jamais être remboursés des centaines de milliards d’Euro prêtés, causant une récession – surtout bancaire – jamais imaginée. JUBILONS !

Bien sûr, il fallait crever l’abcès, il fallait en finir avec la mainmise de ces capitalistes sur l’Europe. Merci à la Grèce, n’importe la couleur politique de leur actuel gouvernement, pour avoir osé. Nous, l’UNION DES NATIONS DE L’EUROPE CHRETIENNE (UNEC), organisme minuscule mais qui a la grâce d’exister, adresserons dès ce soir un télégramme de congratulations au peuple grec et à ses dirigeants actuels: « Merci pour la pierre de David contre Goliath ! Que Dieu vous garde ! » JUBILONS !

– O.A.M.D.G. –

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