Did Alison Grimes voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 ? A french magazine article is suggesting she is a fake democrat.

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The french economic magazine, les Echos is publishing a racist article tonight over the Plague named Obama. The man who « knows how to win election but doesn’t know how to govern » (ha ha ha) according to the french intellectual man Dominique Moïsi who advocates he was told that last week at Washington by somebody who is a democrat and has carried out important missions inside Bill Clinton’s administration. 

The accusation requires him to name the guy who told him that, if he is not lying and distorting the political game, as frenchy « intellectuals », betrayals of the notion of « intellect » in France, are accustomed to, lying and hiding behind anonymity. This time, we want names. As Albert Camus – I announced I was reading – has written black on white, « one should call things by their names ». French hypocrisy is fond of the game consisting at telling things without naming them.

Since I brought Albert Camus Plague’s book on the public stage, everybody is rediscovering the word Plague and pestiferous. Hence, Dominique Moïsi’s stance qualifying Obama as a pestiferous every democrat would like to run away from, as for this election, to avoid failing the race. He named Alison Grimes, the democrat candidates racing against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky as one of them. Clue of this is the refusal by Alison to reveal publicly for whom she voted to in 2012. It looks like in France where leaders of the Right aisle of the political spectrum are used to vote the leftist candidates. Shamelessly.


Shameless is how we will qualify this maneuver : pure french behaviour, tradition and arrogance. Needly to insist on racism fueled by this unfathomable hate.


Interesting the magazine Les Echos doesn’t let a journalist tell this. Hiding behind an International studies’ body would have made it, they thought. Sorry, this article doesn’t match the standing of International analysis. Ideology and parti pris are anything but intellectual.

What is even worse is when you read between the lines, you first see the name of Bill Clinton (the holy cows). Hmm. Looking forward, you can see Hillary Clinton and his 2016 bid. With such traficking friends, I wander what the American voters will think about this classical infamy in France, mired with experts on elections’ traficking. Shameless.

You can read the whole article here. Barack Obama confronté à une Amérique désenchantée (Obama facing a disanchanted America). Really ? As Hong-Kong ? As British people ? As French people ? Come on : this is a self-fulfulling affirmation – self-fulfulling and opportunistic, after Nick Clegg sortie.

Only the title remind me of this disanchantment worded by Nick Clegg, and noted here. « Disanchantment and anger towards politics is now at all time high » : Nick Clegg. French elites think that what is written in English is not readable by French people and can be copied in French, just like that. Shameless. Intellectual dishonesty and awkwardness.

Before we go on commenting this awckward article, people would like to know WHO IS ALISON GRIMES?







Obama can’t govern, according to them. It sounds like GOP’S speaking. Is Holland knowing how to govern ? Ask the man behind this racist article. The man who aims to see the GOP winning those November senatorial elections is a supporter of the French president. Those are the people, leftists in France, and Republicans in America, when a Barack Obama is in power, and leftists if a Bill Clinton were. They are ready to cope with a permanent presidency for their friends, as long as those friends are similar to them – remember the superior race. In the Dictator, Charlie Chaplin got a name for them: LITTLE DEMOCRATS.

David Cameron has expressed his willingness to fire incompetent Heads of Schools failing their students. It is becoming a Public Health issue. I will certainly buy it. Failing students is failing the society and insulting the future.

Here is the little story for you. Quote :

« I remember a walk in the Elysee garden when, with François (Hollande), we consider Hillary’s candidacy. 

– It would be grotesque for her to candidate, after her husband’s presidency, he (François) said.

My breath went off.

-I remind you that you was candidate for the presidency, after Segolène Royal (the mother of the 4 children of the french president). You were opponents during the primaries.

In François Hollande’s mind, what is allowed for him and her (the mother of his children) is not allowed otherwise. He lives in a permanent denial.

Guess who is behind this storytelling ? The former first girlfriend in France hailed and applauded by her colleagues of the medias, before this punchy book over the relationship of these awful lovers – ‘Thank you for the moment’ –  where, according to french traditional journalism, she is settling accounts with her ex boy-friend, the president of France.

The interesting information – if any – is this sentence : It would be grotesque for her to candidate, after her husband’s presidency, he (François) said.

But, don’t get it wrong : the plan has been built over your heads, since 2008. A proof of it is the sum of medias ready for the promotion and laying down the red carpet in submission waiting only one thing : adoring the iconic choice they have pledged to support against winds and tides. The plan was/is well-oiled or well-rigged. First the book. Second, the promotion. Third, etc…

Whenever you will have all the mainstream medias supporting a candidacy before time, know that the games are rigged. 

I’m telling you this story to consider the distance between the man supporting either President Hollande and the Clintons and dismissing President Obama, on one side, and, on the other,  Hollande’s position concerning the Hillary’s candidacy to come. Naturally, this is not intending either to hurt or to show any disregard or disrespect to Madam Hillary Clinton. It is just that something is not turning round in our democracies. Question : Is Secr John Kerry to run again ? I’m joking. Forget about it while thinking at it.

November is looming dangerously. Enough to focus on, as for now.

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