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Global Research, September 27, 2014
 Obama’s Fake Pretext: “Going After the Super-Evil Khorasans Who are About to Attack Us”

Obama is now after the fact scrambling to justify bombing the sovereign nation of Syria without the permission of either the Syrian government or even the United States Congress by saying that we were going after the super-evil Khorasans, who were about to attack us.

My God! That sounds terrifying … like a cross between Genghis Khan, Klingons and the Kardashians!

The U.S. is saying that theyre even more dangerous than ISIS.

Theres just one wee little problem … the Khorasan threat is as as fake as the Kardashians physiques. (Admittedly, its confusing, given that the Kardashians have also inserted themselves right in the middle of the Syrian conflict.)

Agence France-Presse reports:

The US says it has hit a little-known group called Khorasan in Syria, but experts and activists argue it actually struck Al-Qaedas affiliate Al-Nusra Front, which fights alongside Syrian rebels.

In announcing its raids in the northern province of Aleppo on Tuesday, Washington described the group it targeted as Khorasan, a cell of Al-Qaeda veterans planning attacks against the West.

But experts and activists cast doubt on the distinction between Khorasan and Al-Nusra Front, which is Al-Qaedas Syrian branch.

In Syria, no one had ever heard talk of Khorasan until the US media brought it up, said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Rebels, activists and the whole world knows that these positions (hit Tuesday) were Al-Nusra positions, and the fighters killed were Al-Nusra fighters, added Abdel Rahman, who has tracked the Syrian conflict since it erupted in 2011.

Experts were similarly dubious about the distinction.

The name refers to Al-Qaeda fighters previously based in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran who have travelled to Syria to fight with… Al-Nusra, said Matthew Henman, head of IHS Janes Terrorism and Insurgency Centre.

They… should not be considered a new or distinct group as such.

Aron Lund, editor of the Syria in Crisis website run by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, raised similar doubts.

The fact that news about this Al-Qaeda-run, anti-Western cell linked to Al-Nusra emerged just over a week ago, through US intelligence leaks well, its certainly an interesting coincidence, he told AFP.


Claims of a distinction are lost of many of Syrias rebels, who have also often rejected the world communitys designation of Al-Nusra as a terrorist group.

When Washington added Al-Nusra to its list of terrorist organisations, even the internationally-backed Syrian opposition National Coalition criticised the decision.


On the ground, almost all rebel groups have been willing to cooperate with Al-Nusra, seeing them as distinct from the Islamic State group (IS), which espouses transnational goals and includes many non-Syrians among its ranks.


[The] history of cooperation [between the various crazies in Syria] has left some rebels and activists on the ground suspicious and even angry about the strikes on Al-Qaeda.


Some key members are believed to maintain channels of communication with Al-Nusra, including Qatar, which has helped negotiate the release of prisoners held by the group.

McClatchy adds:

Raad Alawi, the commander of a smaller group of fighters, the Squadrons of Al Haq, told McClatchy he was very angry.

Starting the war with the bombing of Nusra is an indication that this is a war against the revolution and not [ISIS] … Maybe next they will bomb the bases of the Free Syrian Army.

Well, okay … experts and Syrian Islamic jihadis think theres no distinction between the Khorasans and plain vanilla Al Nusra/Al Qaeda/Free Syrian Army fighters.

But surely America and our allies treat the moderate Syrian rebels … I mean Al Nusra … er, I mean the Khorasans … with a consistent iron fist?

Well, no … weve been directly or indirectly backing them. And as weve been warning for some time the boys were arming are threatening to attack us.

So while Id like to believe that Im being shown the real deal as a justification for long-term, direct involvement Im just not buying it …

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La nature a horreur du videRecently, commenting the publication of the book  by the ex-French first girl over her tumultuous relationship with the French president, I quoted that the book was a symbol of the predation of the poor. This comment was inserted inside a global analysis over French political parties’ offer, in the wake of Former president comeback –  Title : UMP – Nicolas Sarkozy, Nature abhors a vacuum – It is commonly accepted that predatory conducts are wealthy people’s exclusivity along with arrogance and opportunism. Nothing is more false.  POORS ARE PREDATORS LIKE OTHERS. The only difference is ex-poors will always play the victimisation tune to generate culpability from the wealthiest. It becomes a cynical game if not pervasive. It starts with « I’m poor, help me », before ending by « I’m like you and even better ». That is why the Caliphate idea is a generational brand, beyond ISIS fabrication. It speaks for the fracturing lines of our times surreptitiously drawn by the poors to emerge from poverty – which is a noble quest – or anonymity and inadvertently supported by blind carpets-merchants mercantilists.
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The article above showcases some exemplaries.
This is something we will be exploring on a widely scale, anytime ahead.

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