UK. Child abuse : « The Home Office has been accused of sitting on evidence of child abuse involving political figures for up to 35 years ».

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A Big Political ‘Cover Up’?

The five things you need to know on Monday 7 July 2014…



This is starting to get stomach-churning. From the Times:

« The Home Office has been accused of sitting on evidence of child abuse involving political figures for up to 35 years.

Details of four undisclosed cases were quietly handed to police last year after languishing in the department since as long ago as 1979. The admission came as the former Tory cabinet minister Lord Tebbit said that there “may well have been” a cover-up of organised abuse by Westminster figures in the 1980s… Asked if he thought that there had been a “big political cover-up”, he told the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One: ‘I think there may well have been.” He said: “It was almost unconscious. It was the thing that people did at that time.’

« The Independent splashes on: »Fears over an establishment cover-up of an alleged Westminster paedophile ring in the 1980s deepened on Sunday night as it emerged that an “explosive” dossier of evidence lost by the Home Office was also handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions. »

Oh dear. And the Mail splashes on the same story: »Extraordinary new claims pointing to an Establishment cover-up of child sex abuse by senior politicians emerged last night. Home Secretary Theresa May faces questions from MPs over accusations that politicians, the police and even her own officials have suppressed allegations against powerful individuals for decades. »

Be clear: this is neither an ‘ancient’ scandal nor a purely ‘Tory’ scandal. As the Mirror reports:

« A Labour politician suspected of abusing ­children with a convicted paedophile allegedly tried to help him foster two young brothers. The figure, later a minister in Tony Blair’s government, backed South London children’s home boss Michael John Carroll’s bid to take on the boys, a new witness claims. »

Our comment for now : Pinch me  twice. We thought only the Church was abusing children. Now, we have those lawmakers. Whose turn is tomorrow for those child’s molesters ?

MORE NEWS  FROM CNN.  « Ex-Georgia President Eduard Shevardnadze, hailed as man who helped end Cold War, has died, local media reports ».

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