Fight against poverty is not up to the task.

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Today is the day the World celebrates Working classes. Unfortunately, a job is no longer a barrier to poverty. Instead, many working poor families are struggling every day to make it. « For many working poor families, the most apt description of their finances and lifestyle might be fragile. Even with a steady paycheck, keeping the bills paid becomes a high-wire act and saving an impossibility », quote from the NYT.

While reading this article, it appears that part of the problem was the minimum wage, but the other one resort to low salaries, to the highest cost of living – Ed Miliband (Britain) is raising up as a cursing – and to bad redistribution of wealth.

Those stakes are piled up in Africa with that other burden named rough and brutal exploitation of raw materials, ruthless manner of doing business and heartbreaking contempt towards both the environment and the people : farmers, children and producers. The combination of those multifactors is a timing bomb. We are far beyond poor governance.

Can you imagine a land where Nestlé, Mars, Cargill and their representation bodies, ICI (International Chocolate Initiative), Rain Forest Alliance and two others I forgot the name right now, but you can easily get them through the « Investigations » reportage by france O (30 April) on the issue.  In the reportage, we saw young children coming illegaly from Burkina Faso through child trafficking to work inside cacao plantations in Ivory Coast. Age : 13, 14 and so forth.

Those young boys are supposed to be at school. Nestlé, the ICI, Mars, Cargill, UTZ to name the most important and cruel have promised to build schools in the villages for the education of those children. They have promised to bring clean water and health dispensaries to give back to the farmers and villagers the immense benefit of their chocolate business on the West side. Sharing development.

At the very best cases, the building of schools began and never ended, 3 years after their beginning, the moment Mistrati’s investigation was conducted in Ghana and in Ivory Coast. Accra, Abidjan and Geneva are bound through lies and restrictions of controlling the facts the ICI and UTZ are reporting worldwide such as : they are building schools and conducting humanitarian activities concerning education and healthcare in the villages, besides the farms.

A spokewoman of the ICI even lied to CNN about this.

To begin the reportage, Mistrati asked the representants of the ICI, the vice president of Nestle, José Lopez, UTZ and Rain Forest alliance to meet with him. They all declined the offer. In the midst of the reportage, Mr. Jose Lopez accepted to meet Mr. Mistrati on condition that no camera would film their meeting. But, when the terrible pictures of the reportage proving them wrong and lying consumers and the World about their misdoings in Africa, they conceeded a meeting. Confronted to the awful pictures of their so doings to make life better in places where they buy their raw material, all of them defended themselves by « we didn’t know »  and how is it you communicate worldwide over your humanitarian activities when you don’t even know ? Worst, when you deliberately lie to the World and to consumers that you are contributing to child trafficking and work unlawfully and you are not building schools neither any hospital nearby.

Villagers are still paying for that. Really, I invite you to watch this horrible report of fraudulent behavior of the ICI members  in Africa. Disgusting and really enough to stop eating their poisoned chocolate, made of blood, mud and human trafficking.

Meanwhile their profits are skyrocketing and they are unable to allow just a mill of it to clean the mess, help the others and do business properly.

Now, you may say those are societies that are already paying taxes to African governments. Yes, and there lies the Big Corruption, the MCC and the World Bank are supposed to fight fiercely. With how many means on the exception of a “Governance Data Alliance” – read the press release.

Building schools is a government task. Bringing their people running water or access to also. The same for healthcare. It is not Nestlé’s ou the ICI’s or Cargill’s direct duties. In exchange those societies must pay the right price of cocoa and be charged with higher taxes so that States can invest on educating their children, on giving them an affordable health care, a clean and viable environment including access of clean water and energy.

If the market can not be fair to adjust the price of cocoa at its worth, then politics must step in.

The World needs an International Conference over Fighting and Ending Corruption Worldwide and a design of a more dissuasive protocol.

What if cocoa producers mount an OPEP organisation style like to fix their own prices and why if they set their own Chocolate Industry ? Wake up ! You are not condemned to slavery, domination and knee-bowing. – the bitter taste of chocolate.

Nestlémania. Miserable.

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