Hello Kiev. Hi Eastern Ukrainian. Thank You Crimea.

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Day after Vice president Joe Biden’s arrival to Kiev, in support to a gang of coup d’Etat instigators, we are pleased to know that pro-Russians people are still holding their ground on restlessly. This is the sign of an unshakable faith deep rooted in the belief that Democracy is not about valets acting under somebody else’s order and desire, but about the rule of People by the people, obeying no Master, except the elected ones.

To say it again Kiev’s gang staging illegaly in power has got no legitimacy. Naturally, the East, following Crimea, doesn’t recognize that leadership of Maïdan. The day when Tymoshenko’s boys fomented the coup against president Ianoukovitch, they committed the utter sin ever. The sentence was immediate : Crimea departed from Ukraine and now it is the Eastern turn. Any offense to the nature comes with a pay back. Watch climate change and the occurrencies of natural catastrophes and disasters.

Understandably, it is a waiste of time to wait for the 25 May election promised by the illegal power grasp crew, self-declared leadership of Kiev. They have no credibility to call for an election : how can something called by an illegal authority bear any authority ? A sum of illegality has never made a legality.

I really love Vice president Biden. So do I towards Hillary, the two first contenders for the next presidential  election on the Democratic side, so far. I have the same feelings for Jebb Bush and a real sympathy for Rand Paul and Gov. Chris Christie, the other possible 2016 runners. Yet Obama is still there : Tuesday marks the beginning of his 8 days tour in Asia.

But, for vice president Joe Biden to step in accusing Russia of land’s grabbing and illegal occupation of Crimea is remarkable. America can not be that short memory to ignore that the one in the World that has been grabing land abusively and making the Palestinan territories’ occupation its eternal job and enlasting land building policy is Israel. Words used to describe a pretended reality in Crimea apply marvelously to Israel. In Crimea, vice president Biden knows perfectly and dramatically that Crimea secession from Ukraine is the consequence of the US-EU backed coup in Kiev first. Second, Russia has never grabbed or occupied Crimea : a free referendum staged there and the result of it was « back to Russia ». 

Raining times to American diplomacy.

Raining times to American diplomacy.

That is why the East of Ukraine is asking the same referendum to decide their fate, which, of course, can no longer be linked to Kiev. Naturally, the scenario is turning awful. Who set the fire in the first place ? That one should have anticipated the modality of conflict extinction or propagation.

Interesting to read again. Mars, 7th. Ukraine. One week to decide your future : returning to the rule of law or face dislocation.

Vice president Joe Biden will be totally accountable for Obama’s policy and diplomacy in 2016, should he decided to run for presidency. So is Hillary. Yes Obama’s economic set of accounts looks pretty good. What about diplomacy ? Just to think that Secretary Kerry flee to show support to the fraudulent elected Algerian president, Boutelflika, sitting on a wheel chair, unable to campaign during the bid and elected with 83% of Algerians voters out of a turnout estimation by the Algerian Constitutional Council at 50-70 % – what a big lie and a shame – is tellingly of the wanderings of the actual administration on the international stage. Interesting to note that all the claimants denouncing huge and patent frauds were dismissed by the Constitutional Council for one reason or another.

When the Algerian CC concedes this estimation, keep in mind that  the real number is below 50%. In France, the turnout was close to 30 %. By deduction, we guess that only those favoring Boutelflika moved to the polls. Huge abstention, indifference towards  no change in sight around this farcical election and a lot of irregularities and frauds inside the polling stations explain the duped victory. Electoral Hold Up is right to decry here.

I really love America and admire the nation. This is a nation I was told at the University was the only one to implement a real Democracy, at least a least worst form of it. What has happened to this Great Nation  in between ?

The good news out of this Ukrainian case is next time somebody else would go on again in that impasse way, they already know the consequences : the citizens would no longer accept that. The  new century signaled the end of coups. A message for Africa.

Asia Trip Spring 2014

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You may also be interested by this Gallup poll reported by the National Memo. Tokyo’s protocol is still waiting for the American signature.

Poll: One In Four Americans Still Don’t Believe In Global Warming


BREAKING NEWS –  Wednesday, April 23, 2014 10:32 AM EDT
Rival Palestinian Factions Agree to Form Unity Government

The two main Palestinian factions announced an agreement on Wednesday to heal a seven-year schism and form a unity government within five weeks that would prepare for Palestinian elections six months later.
The two groups — the Palestine Liberation Organization, which runs the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and Hamas, the militant Islamist group that dominates the Gaza Strip — have reached similar accords before that were never carried out. But the latest deal comes as the fragile American-brokered peace efforts between the Palestinians and Israel are approaching an April 29 deadline without a resolution in sight. People familiar with the discussions have said the two sides are far apart even on how to extend the talks.
Before the announcement on Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel warned Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the P.L.O. and president of the Palestinian Authority, against taking practical steps toward reconciliation with Hamas.

The NYT. Palestinian Factions Announce Deal on Unity Government.

At last. Thank you Fighters. May this have an impact on Boko Haram’s thinking and foolish killing action.

This day is blessed. For the first time, Turkey (Tayyip Erdogan) has presented his condolences to Armenian’s grand children, for the 1915’s massacres of their grand parents  perpetrated by the Turks. A step towards the recognition of the Armenian genocide. At last. This is also a very good news and an excellent move from the Turkish Premier. Things are moving on the right direction. Halleluiah !

Get more at France TV. Info.

That same day, Skynews aired a press conference by Alex Salmond, the Scottish Premier upon the referendum of Scottish independance from London. Sir Alex stated that the issue was not the independance, but London. At a certain point of an unbalanced relationship, the people should speak out their will to continue this way or not : people should decide their own fate, not always the institutions.

Should this be the case in Lybia, the choice to topple former president Gaddafi would have rest with Lybian people, not with an unjust international community, acting on behalf of Western interests only. Death penalty for Gaddafi by US and France is something totally unacceptable. What happened in Lybia using Benghazi as a Trojan horse will go on in History as the ultimate coup ever mounted by the international community staging inside the United Nations building. A sacrilege !

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